don't start none, won't be none

8 October
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Hey thar. My name is Freya and I write things sometimes.

I am Swedish and PROUD.

I love music, art, video games, comic books, movies, reading, and writing. I also like rainbows and planes and clouds and dreams and squirrels and babies and dogs and cats and trees and flowers and cars and frogs and bunnies and pokemon and tables and chairs and drinks and food and letters and words and swords and magic and flasks and cigars and guitars and pianos and chess and tissues and notebooks and colours and pens and bags and lights and flags and technology and curtains and boats and mattresses and metal and keys and shiny things and dust and grass and leaves and roofs and handlebars and drawers and spoons and paper and cups and straws and cords and sentences and punctuation and lines and tabs and cabs and websites and sharpeners and outlets and phrases and laughter and sugar and salt and beef jerky and stars and the moon and planets and teeth and hair and eyeballs and hands and plus signs and roads and boards and hats and legs and noses and computers and windows and glass and caps and knuckles and bones and joints and scarves and clothing and socks and wheels and floors and wood and concrete and tarmac and plastic and charcoal and trash bags and christmas trees and balls and glue and markers and paint and bindings and beds and fingernails and freckles and numbers and algebra and sleeping and buttons and pickaxes and shovels and boxes and rooms and girls and boys but I hate people.